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They Can’t Stop Us!

9 April 2019

Read They Can´t Stop Us Mattias Beijmo´s acclaimed report book about the new arms trade and the war in Syria. In todays Swedish Dagens Nyheter: "A new bill will be a test of how the Swedish Riksdag looks at citizens´ rights, integrity and freedom of expression, writes IT-debater Mattias Beijmo, Swedish Pens chairman Jesper Bengtsson and Ola Larsmo, board member of Pen international."  



And in Norway To Cook a bear is a success!

5 April 2019

We are thrilled! In Norway Mikael Niemi´s To Cook a Bear is printed in a third edition in six weeks, 11 000 printed copies. The reviews are brilliant from everywhere. Like this one from Norwegian Dagbladet: “Divine crime fiction … This book is a masterpiece … The legendary Læstadius becomes a kind of Sherlock Holmes in this extraordinary historical crime novel … [Niemi] creates images, smells, sounds, atmospheres and characters...



We are welcoming our new agent!

3 April 2019

We are happy to introduce our new agent Alice Stenberg. From April 1st she is part of the team, and can be reached at



EXTRA: Sara Stridsberg is nominated for the 2019 Man Booker international prize!

13 March 2019

We are extremely proud to announce that Sara Stridsberg’s The Faculty of Dreams is one of 13 titles on the long list for the 2019 Man Booker international prize. The book will be published in the UK by MacLehose press on the 18th of April. The prize winner will be announced on the 21th of May. Click here for the full list


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