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Lena Andersson no. 3 on the Swedish bestseller list for April!

17 May 2018

Lena Andersson's new novel Svea's son is on third place on the official Swedish bestseller list for the month of April. The book was published on the 12th of April and apart from selling extremely well, it has also received excellent reviews. A selection below: “…what unites the two Esther novels and Svea’s Son is the issue of being true to oneself, of daring to and being able to. And...



Bara du (Obsession) passed over 25 000 copies sold!

Swedish crime author Ninni Schulman, whose stand-alone OBSESSION was released by Forum on April 24, already sold over 25 000 copies! Quotes from early reviews: “well-written, elegantly composed, and suspenseful. With the just-published Obsession, Schulman does something utterly new.” Norra Skåne "Here, Schulman steps off the well-trodden path and writes a book about something utterly different. And it turns out to work very well.” Smålandsposten “Ragingly, uncannily good. /…/ Ninni Schulman’s...



Starred Review for Robert Karjel!

14 May 2018

Robert Karjel has received a starred review in Publishers Weekly for After the Monsoon. The US edition will be published by Harper Collins on the 3rd of July. "Karjel’s excellent sequel to 2015’s The Swede finds Ernst Grip, a member of Sweden’s security police, attached to a raid on a suspected Somali terrorist cell in an immigrant Stockholm neighborhood. Normally an agent on the bodyguard detachment, the unenthusiastic Grip and...



Ninni Schulman and Lena Andersson on the Swedish bestseller list

7 May 2018

We are thrilled to report that Ninni Schulman's psychological thriller Obsession went straight to the top of the official Swedish bestseller list for the last week of April. Lena Andersson's generational novel Svea's son is on third place. Click here to see the full list


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