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Washington Post on Carl-Johan Vallgren’s THE MERMAN

16 December 2015

“A magical fish story that’s this big”, writes the Washington Post (December 15, 2015) in a review of Carl-Johan Vallgren’s novel and continues: “His riveting newly translated novel…aligns…with his Scandinavian predecessor Hans Christian Andersen…””The merman, for all his realness, offers a touch of the sublime… There’s a trembling beauty to the darkness in this book and how it views hope: without redemption in a way that we might recognize, but something else all its own, a state of mind that Andersen…surely would have appreciated.”

David Lagercrantz. Foto: Magnus Liam Karlsson

David Lagercrantz continues the Millennium series

13 December 2015

In December 2013, Hedlund Literary Agency announced together with the Swedish publishing company Norstedts that Lagercrantz had been contracted to write the fourth novel in the Millennium series of crime novels, originally by Stieg Larsson (1954–2004). The novel was published on August 27, 2015 and was launched in 27 countries at the same time. It received consistent positive reviews, reached international sales records and landed on the best selling lists all over the world. The novel was designated as one of the year’s best thrillers in 2014 by the magazine Esquire, and nominated to the 2016 Petrona Award in the category of Best Scandinavian Crime Novel of the Year in 2016. The movierights are held by Sony.

Aris Fioretos

19 October 2015

Aris Fioretos’ novel Mary was today short-listed together with five other finalists for the August Prize, Sweden’s most important literary award. The winner will be annouced on November 23d.

Congratulations Aris!

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Linna Johansson’s LOLLO preempted by Aschehoug!

24 September 2015

Norwegian rights to Linna Johansson’s critically acclaimed debut novel Lollo has been sold in a preempt to Aschehoug. Lollo was published by Modernista in the beginning of September 2015.

Sara Stridsberg awarded “De Nios Pris”

21 May 2015

Congratulations, Sara Stridsberg!

Sara Stridsberg has been awarded the prestigious Swedish literary prize “De Nios Pris”.


The motivation reads as follows: “…for a work characterized by dreamy lucidity, intense presence and empathy with the less fortunate.”


The prize money amounts to 300 000 SEK.

Rights sold

Spanish rights sold to Alianza through Casanovas & Lynch

June 2019

Portuguese rights sold to Bertrand

May 2019

Danish rights sold to Grif

May 2019

Japanese rights sold to Hakanawa

May 2019

Czech rights sold to Albatros Media

May 2019

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