Jerker Virdborg (born 1971) lives in Stockholm. His literary debut in 2001 was with the short story collection Landhöjning två centimeter per natt, followed the year after by the novel Svart krabba which among other distinctions was awarded the Literature Prize of the Swedish magazine Vi. His subsequent novels Försvinnarna (2005), Mannen från Trinisla (2007) and Kall feber(2009) have all received huge critical acclaim, establishing Jerker Virdborg as one of Sweden’s foremost young writers. Jerker Virdborgs novels have been translated into German, Dutch, Norwegian, Danish, Polish, Russian, Lithuanian and Finnish.


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Rave reviews for Jerker Virdborgs Summer, Sister

21 September 2017

Jerker Virdborg's highly anticipated novel Summer, Sister has received rave reviews since it was published in Sweden (Albert Bonniers förlag) earlier this month. Virdborg has one of the most talented voices of contemporary Swedish writers. He is an expert proponent of the ‘hardboiled’ style, without ever compromising with language or psychology. Capable of creating breathless suspense, his greatest skills lie in his ability to keep the reader constantly thirsting for more. These...