Ninni Schulman (born 1972) grew up in an iron foundry district in Värmland, where her crime stories also take place. She has worked as a journalist at daily newspapers and magazines. Today she lives in Stockholm but she spends as much time as possible in Värmland.

The books in the Magdalena Hansson-series, Flickan med snö i håret (The Girl with Snow in Her Hair), Pojken som slutade gråta (The Boy Who Stopped Crying), Svara om du hör mig (Answer If You Hear Me), Vår egen lilla hemlighet (Our Very Own Little Secret) and Välkommen hem (Welcome Home) have sold over 550 000 copies in Sweden.
Both Vår egen lilla hemlighet (Our Very Own Little Secret) and Välkommen hem (Welcome Home) have passed 100 000 sold copies each only in Sweden.


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Welcome Home celebrates 100 000 copies sold

22 February 2018

Ninni Schulman celebrates 100 000 copies sold - again! Both Our Own Little Secret AND now, Welcome Home passed 100 000 copies sold. Publishing house Forum marks this with a golden copy of the book. Congratulations to Ninni Schulman!


Ninni Schulman’s new book to the top!

29 August 2016

Ninni Schulman's just released new crime novel "Welcome Home" (Välkommen hem) went straight to the top of the hardcover fiction list, and settled as second (after Elena Ferrante's "My Brilliant Friend"). The e-book is number one on the list and the audio-book went to the third place. Up till now Ninni Schulman's Magdalena Hansson-series has sold a total of almost 500 000 copies in Sweden. In "Welcome Home" - the...