Late Farewell is a short novel, yet it encompasses a whole life.” – Östgöta Correspondenten

Late Farwell. Ia Grenberg
Original title: Sent farväl
Author: Genberg Ia
Original publication: Weyler Forlag
Genre: Fiction
Over a few decisive years of their youth, they shared everything, then drifted apart. Twenty years later, Mia coincidentally notices her friend’s death notice. What happened, why did she die? A curious police who wants to know more has been enticed by Maria’s diaries, and as a result she is pulled into the mystery of her old friend’s death. The story grows into an elegy to friendship and lost time.
After her debut with the energetic, linguistically explosive work, Söta fredag [Sweet Friday], Ia Genberg is back with a story written in an altogether different style. But the two books have one thing in common: the joy, even the obsession with the re-created and re-examined past.


True enough, the novel is lit up by an unusual constancy, but it is undoubtedly the churning, exact language that sets the text apart. It encompasses a certain tone, resonance, and a sense of exactly how many words are required.”
– Helsingborgs Dagblad

In nine out of ten crime books the intrigue is everything, and the narrative is merely the distance that needs to be covered in order for the threads to be tied. But in Ia Genberg’s second novel Sent farväl, it is quite the other way. Genberg has something to say and she knows how to do it – she is a driven stylist, and even her commas mark a rhythmic beat.”

– GT
Sent farväl is a short novel, 179 pages, perfect for getting through in a single sitting, yet it encompasses a whole life.”
– Östgöta Korrespondenten
Ia Genberg’s dense, fertile prose is defined by its exactitude in rendering the simple details of everyday life.”
– Göteborgs-Posten


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