"Ernst Jünger meets Twilight"

Vår - Martin Tistedt
Original title: Vår
Original publication: Vertigo
Genre: Fiction
In just a few months, Maja will graduate. She’s a typical nineteen-year-old: torn between the stress of school, world-weariness, her expectations for the future, despondency, and a yearning hunger for intensity and love.
At a party, her eyes meet David’s.
As the Nordic nature so gradually reawakens, as spring approaches, they draw nearer to each other in ever-shrinking circles, almost unbearably slowly and painfully, full of romantic passion.
In unparalleled language, baroque and recklessly drunk with springtime, Martin Tistedt tells an eternally modern, classic story about budding young love that shimmers with joy and delight.


“Tistedt’s dazzling, ecstatic prose is as far from fussy and stripped-down as it is possible to be. The words scamper across the pages like frisky foals… […] It is beautiful and crazy; it is elaborate and baroque and romantic. Certainly first love and budding sexuality are not new topics in literature. But Martin Tistedt’s delirious language succeeds in breathing new life into them and elevating what is essentially an everyday story about a regular girl in a regular Swedish suburb to nearly mystical dimensions.”

-Svenska Dagbladet

“This is a book to be captivated by; it’s an intoxicating book to wake minds and memories. SPRING is a book to love for its portrayal of the youthful cravings we all deserve to be engulfed in at least once in our lives.”


“Spring blossoms all around us; the snow melts every year and our hearts follow. Martin Tistedt’s new book is the most beautiful portrayal of spring I have read.”

-Tidningen Kulturen

“With its seductive flight, SPRING ought to bring [Martin Tistedt] many readers.”

“Perhaps one of the most striking features of truly good literature is that you can’t trust it. I feel about this book the way I feel when I watch Polanski’sBitter Moon: it is both exquisite and insane.”
-Björn Kohlström, Bernur Blog


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