Born in 1957. A Norwegian novelist, lyricist and dramatist. Niels Fredrik Dahl was awarded the Brage Prize in 2002  for Visiting a Friend (2202).  He has also written scripts for TV series. Visiting a Friend has been translated into several European languages ans is widely praised all over Europe. The second novel, Last Summer, was originally published in 2003.


2002 The Brage Prize for Visiting a Friend

2002 The Ibsen Award



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Such glimmering reviews for Niels Fredrik Dahl’s Mother by Night, just published by Natur och Kultur in Sweden!

31 January 2019

"And so, these glimpses of a life flicker past, dark nights with burning rivers ... Together, they make up a brilliant, vulnerable, vivacious, and self-deprecating story about the most difficult issues of existence." AFTONBLADET "Mother by Night is an elegy that doesn’t shy away from the crudeness of self-deception, and that portrays the difficulty of talking to those whom we are closest to in life. Those whom we should perhaps...


”Niels Fredrik Dahl is a masterful writer”

19 October 2018

Incredible reception with five and four starred reviews across Denmark for Niels Fredrik Dahl’s Mother by night published by Gyldendal! ”Goes straight to the heart.” (Jyllandsposten) ”Niels Fredrik Dahl is a masterful writer” (Politiken) ”Exquisite Norwegian prose” (Kristeligt Dagblad)  


Rave reviews for Niels Fredrik Dahl’s new novel!

21 November 2017

Niels Fredrik Dahls latest novel (the first in eight years), just published in Norway, has been met with unanimously praising words by Norwegian press. As one critic puts it ”Mother by Night is a novel that leaves the reader sitting at the kitchen table all morning, breakfast untouched. All the way until the conclusion.” This week rights have been sold to Natur & Kultur, Sweden and Gyldendal, Denmark. Examples of quotes...