Guilt. Karin Alvtegen.
Original title: Skuld
Original publication: Natur och Kultur
Genre: Fiction Crime

Peter Brolin is sitting by himself in Nyléns café. Heavily in debt, unable to improve his situation and waiting for another fit of angst. Suddenly the door opens and a woman unknown to him walks up to his table. Obviously she mistakes him for someone else, and Peter is, due to his present state of periodical panic attack unable to protest. She disappears and leaves a parcel behind – for 1000 Swedish kronor, he is to deliver it to her husband. The parcel and the frightening content drags Peter into a nightmare, in search for this insane, obsessed woman – a pursuit in which he is eventually forced to confront the shadows of his own past.


“A very well-written and thrilling story”.


“What a fantastic debut! Her thriller debut lives up to high expectations for suspense, speed and astounding surprises. This story about an ordinary man’s confrontation with evil and guilt is brilliant”

Månadens Bok

“The nightmare is of such dimensions that every thriller-lover feels at home”.


“A gripping and thrilling story about friendship and deceit. The end is surprising and intelligent”.

Värmlands Tidning

“Lovely! Debt has most of what one may wish for – an unpredictable intrigue, incessant new turns, as well as a hero with a broken-down spiritual life, a failed career and nothing to lose. It is wellwritten and entices you to use the line: – I’m just going to read for a few more minutes”.


“…a book you will want to read without stopping”.





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