Over 1 million copies sold!

Original title: Huvudet fullt av dig
Original publication: Bonnier Carlsen
Genre: Children

Eve & Adam, the funniest and most indecisive of young couples, are back! For more than twenty years Eve & Adam have been loved by children around the world through television series, films, computer games, comic strips and millions of books sold. In a new 2016 launch, the story is being brought to a fresh generation of readers with a feature-film and two first new books. The eternal questions remain: How do you know when you’re in love? How do you start going out with someone? And what do you do if the girl you like is in love with someone else?


“Gahrton and Unenge write with respect and humor about those first tentative steps away from childhood. Warmly recommended!”

BTJ vol 21, 2016


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