Felicia Disappeared Felicia Feldt
Original title: Felicia försvann
Original publication: Weyler förlag
Genre: General Fiction

This is the story of a childhood and coming of age and of how it has affected the grown-up woman.

Felicia is the third child, in the end there were nine of them, but one brother died. Still they were a pack. There were four fathers but only one mum. The best mum in the world? Anyhow, an expert on how to bring up children, as she herself would have put it.

And Felicia just disappeared, no one knew why it happened.



”…in this rhapsodical style of writing there is a feverishness, which makes the book incessantly captivating.”

Dagens Nyheter



Danish rights sold to G.E.C Gads Förlag A/S

Finnish rights sold to Otava Publishing Company LTD

Norwegian rights sold to Cappelen Damm AS


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