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Saudivapen, Bo Göran Bodin and Daniel Öhman
Original title: Saudivapen
Original publication: Albert Bonniers förlag
Genre: Non Fiction

Saudi Weapons is the story of “Project Simoom”, the secretcollaboration which involved Sweden in the construction of a weapons factory in the Saudi Arabian desert. The sensitive arrangement had been hidden from view with the use of code names, front companies, and large wads of cash from the military intelligence agency KSI. But when Swedish Radio during a few weeks in March 2012 exposed the project everything changed. The scandal was a fact and the Minister for Defence resigned. As in the TV series ”House of Cards” and ”Borgen” (”The Castle”) we follow events behind the scenes as they unfold in the Government Offices and at one of the largest newsrooms in the country – only all this happened in reality.


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