Original title: Le détroit du loup
Author: Olivier Truc
Original publication: Editions Métailié
Genre: Fiction/Thriller

Spring in the Far North. A time of relentless, inescapable light, shadowing its prey like an obsession. On the shore of the Barents Sea, at the northernmost tip of Lapland, the small town of Hammerfest stands ready… The future Dubai of the Arctic, home to men like Nils Sormi, a Sami nomad turned oil-industry diver – handsomely paid, dangerously attractive, strutting in the face of death. All well and good, if not for his kinsmen and their migrating reindeer.

While the herds swim to summer pasture across the Wolf Strait, a young Sami breeder dies in a tragic accident, and a powerful local dignitary is found dead at the foot of an ancient, sacred rock – the first of a series of bizarre murders.
When Sami cop Klemet Nango and his partner Nina Nansen, of the Reindeer Police, are called to investigate, Nina finds herself confronting a private tragedy: the search for the father lost at sea when she was a child. What she uncovers is an implacable code of honour, weaving a dark web of vengeance.
Wolf Strait confirms Olivier Truc as a masterful story-teller, transporting the reader to the wild territories of northern Lapland, the setting for his acclaimed début novel, Forty Days Without Shadow.



Czech rights sold to Panteon Publishers

Danish rights sold to Modtryk

French rights sold to Editions Métailié

Italian rights sold to Marsilio

Latvian rights sold to Lauku Avize

Norwegian rights sold to Cappelen Damm

Polish rights sold to Sonia Draga

Portuguese (Brazil) rights sold to Editora Aláude

Spanish/Destino rights sold to Grupo Planeta


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