Original title: Stallo
Author: Stefan Spjut
Original publication: Albert Bonniers förlag
Genre: Fiction

During the summer of 1978 a boy disappears in the deep woods of Dalarna. His mother claims he was abducted by a giant. The boy is never found.

Up in Laponia, in 1987, a wildlife photographer takes a picture of a bear from his airplane. But there is something wrong with the picture. A creature is sitting on the bear. According to the photographer, it’s a troll.

Enthralled by the lurid aerial shot her grandfather took some twenty years ago Susso runs a cryptozoologist website. One day a woman contacts her about an odd-looking little man standing outside her house, staring at her and her grandson. Convinced she may find proof that trolls are real and living among us, Susso embarks on a horrifying journey into the unknown.

In Stallo reality and myth collide. It will change your outlook on nature forever.


Stallo by Stefan Spjut is a fantastic novel in every sense of the word. I was enthralled from the very first page, not only because the story is intensely riveting and constantly surprising, not only because Spjut has managed to master how to write convincingly about the existence of trolls and goblins in the Nordic forests, but also because he writes in a language that captures the everyday life we otherwise know inside and out, so precise and well-written that it illuminates the pages.”

-Karl-Ove Knausgård


Brazilian rights sold to Europa Editora

Czech Republic rights sold to Host

Danish rights sold to Klim

Dutch rights sold to Bezige Bij

Estonia rights sold to Pegasus

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German rights sold to Random House Knaus

Hungarian rights sold to Libri Kiado

Italian rights sold to Adriano Salani

Norwegian rights sold to Forlaget Oktober

Spanish rights sold to Planeta

World English rights sold to Faber & Faber


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