A Literary survival story from critically acclaimed Jerker Virdborg!

Original title: Sommaren, syster
Original publication: Albert Bonniers förlag
Genre: Fiction

Sweden is devastated by war and civilization is but a pale memory. It is early summer, a woman and her younger brother take refuge in the endless Swedish pine forests. What has happened? Who is so persistently trying to kill them and why? Along the way their path crosses other people and fates, but they can only rely on each other.

Jerker Virdborg creates a world where everything seem so familiar, and still so remote. A magnificent prose, sharp and poetic, that holds its reader in a thrilling grip.

Jerker Virdborg’s enigmatic and suggestive Summer, Sister brings Cormac McCarty’s The Road to mind. A novel that reflects upon the fragility of the western civilization, trust and love. And the incredibly strength of blood bounds.


“Jerker Virdborg is outstanding writer. His novels are narrative masterpieces perfectly crafted for maximum impact.”

-Dagens Nyheter



German rights sold to Arctis.


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