Original title: Efter Monsunen
Original publication: Partners in stories
Genre: Fiction

A Swedish soldier is killed by a gun shot at a shooting range in Djibouti by the Horn of Africa. The Secret Service-agent Ernst Grip is sent to Djibouti to investigate the death. He is not welcome and when he arrives the staff in Djibouti have already agreed on a story.

A Swedish family of four is kidnapped by Somali pirates when their sailing boat reaches the Gulf of Aden. Their lives are in jeopardy and the Swedish government are under a lot of pressure. Ernst Grip who already is in the area is involuntarily pulled into the negotiations with the pirates.

To solve both cases Grip realizes that he has to use means that are everything but accepted. But what are laws and morals worth when innocent lives are at stake?


“Another winner from the Swedish doyen of the genre”

– Lars Wilderäng

“It is a dense, horrid, up-to-date and very well-written thriller”

– Litteraturmagazinet

“A page-turner”

– Boklysten

“…a style and language that clings on to me and makes the read a captivating experience”

– Cristina Gustavson



Czech rights sold to Albatros Media

French rights sold to DeNoël

German rights sold to Blanvalet

Hebrew rights sold to Modan

Italian rights sold to Rizzoli

UK rights sold to HarperCollins

US rights sold to HarperCollins


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