Original title: Everstinna
Author: Rosa Liksom
Original publication: Like
Genre: Fiction

Bestselling Finlandia Award recipient Rosa Liksom, one of Finland’s most beloved authors, returns with the novel The Colonel’s Wife. In addition to glowing reviews and more than 20 000 hardcover copies sold in Finland alone, rights have already been sold to 10 territories.

In a mere 190 pages, Rosa Liksom relates a story encompassing European and Finnish history as well as the powerful passion between a young woman and older man – an affair that develops into a violent and destructive marriage.

It’s the story of a nation preparing for war, squeezed between the Soviet Union and the Third Reich. It’s an account of one woman’s destiny – determined first by her father and then by her husband, from Finnish nationalist daughter to committed Nazi wife. It’s about going through hell and not only surviving, but finding peace in the twilight of life. It’s a novel that tears open old wounds and makes it impossible to escape the stench of history.


The Colonel’s Wife is a story about incomprehensible love and submission. About fascistic instincts that reach full bloom, and about a frightening ability for adaption, both politically and privately. It is also a glimpse into a delight in wilderness, which transforms the moors and tundra of northern Finland into a realm of sensual adventure. Spun into a tight story about Finland’s catch 22 between Bolsheviks and Nazis in the first half of the 20th century, the result is a formidable literary feat. […] Conveyed in Rosa Liksom’s at once atmospheric and razor-sharp language, it is an alarmingly good read.”

– Weekendavisen

“The novel centers its marital drama in an exploration of Finland’s violent early 20th century history. These two narrative devices work excellently, and create an outstanding, short and concentrated novel.”

– Politiken

“A Five-star novel. […] Stories of relationship hell are nothing new, but The Colonel’s Wife isn’t just about marriage. It’s an attempt to understand the historic period from whence the colonel’s wife’s blind love, and the colonel’s sick love, draws its strength and destructiveness.

In The Colonel’s Wife, Liksom examines the rise of fascism in Finland and Europe in the early 20th century, the coming of war, and the Finnish Whites’ fierce belief in Nazi Germany and its alliance with Finland, at an individual level.”

– Aamulehti

“As a contrast to the horrors, Liksom’s language blooms more beautiful than ever.”

– Helsingin Sanomat

“Liksom pulls in the reader with her unique style. There is no other like her. She answers well to her own statement, that literature is not only supposed to entertain but to deal with the basic questions of humanity.”

– Uusi Suomi



Czech rights sold to Kniha Zlin

Danish rights sold to GRIF

Estonian rights sold to Koolibri

French rights sold to Gallimard

German rights sold to Penguin Verlag

Italian rights sold to Iperborea

Swedish rights sold to Wahlström & Widstrand

World English rights sold to Graywolf Press


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