Original title: Everstinna
Author: Liksom Rosa
Original publication: Like
Genre: Fiction

A night, an entire life

An elderly woman tells us her life story. An internal monologue that grows into an anatomy of time.

How her father made her a daughter of the White Finland. How her husband – the Colonel – made her a Nazi, fraternizing with the right-wing elite, travelling the world.

It is about Finland, a nation preparing for war while precariously inhabiting the space between the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany. It is opening old wounds and makes the stench of history inescapable.

A young woman falling in love with her father’s friend, a man 30 years her senior. A strong, head over heels infatuation that turn into a violent and destructive marriage – despite the future mother-in-law’s warning about her son’s temper.

The Colonel’s wife outlives her husband and studies to become a teacher. She finds love again – in a young student – who after some time lets her know that he wishes to have children, a family. Since that time is long since passed for her she lets him go. He continues to care for her

This is a novel about going through a hellscape and surviving, finding peace late in life on the other end.

At a mere 190 pages Rosa Liksom manages to tell of us about controversies the Finnish and European history. She also tells the life story of a very strong woman and once again excels in her ability to conjure up an entire human destiny with carefully chosen brushstrokes.


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