Original title: Arbetsboken 1955-1974
Original publication: Norstedts
Genre: Non-fiction

All through his writing life Ingmar Bergman kept what he called “working books”: small, spiral notebooks in which he jotted down the first drafts of his stories, and continued to take notes in throughout the process of the individual works. In his autobiographies Laterna Magica (1987) and Images (1990) in particular, he occasionally quoted short passages from these working books.

That aside, the notebooks have never previously been made public – despite Bergman toying with the idea of having them published in the 1960s, reasoning that they contained “a thing or two that could really be of interest”. In fact, Working Book 1955–1974 not only provides fresh insight into the man and artist Ingmar Bergman, it also reveals an utterly unique form of auto-fictive writing revolving around his creative process.

Working Book 1955–1974 is edited by Jan Holmberg, and features extensive commentary as well as a new foreword by the Danish author Dorthe Nors.

To commemorate Bergman’s 2018 centennial, Norstedts, in collaboration with The Ingmar Bergman Foundation, is publishing The Writings of Ingmar Bergman. Remarkably, The Seventh Seal and Wild Strawberries, previously published in thirty-something languages, will now be published in Swedish for the first time. Moreover, a number of previously unknown texts will be presented to the public. In addition to six bibliophile volumes complete with new forewords and extensive commentaries, The Writings of Ingmar Bergman includes thirty-four film stories with brief afterwords by Jan Holmberg and in some cases forewords by the author himself.


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