Original title: Mannen som dog som en lax
Author: Mikael Niemi
Original publication: Norstedts förlag
Genre: Fiction

The grumpy old pensioner Martin Udde is found dead in his home in the subarctic rural community of Pajala, apparently murdered in spectacular fashion. The local police receive back-up from Stockholm as federal detective Therese Fossnes travels north to lead the investigation. Before long, the investigators zero in on a main suspect: Esaias Vanhakoski, who brazenly admits his loathing of Udde. Gradually, however, it develops into something more complex than a police procedural. It becomes a story about the encumbered love between Therese and Esaias, about mankind’s need for linguistic and cultural roots, and about what happens once they are uprooted.


Witty, serious, and imaginative in a delightfully inimitable mix, it is guaranteed to satisfy each one of Mikael Niemi’s many readers.


Norwegian audio/streaming rights sold to Lydbokforlaget


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