Original title: Lugnet
Original publication: Weyler förlag
Genre: Ficiton

»You know, mother, I was afraid of you. I didn’t know who you had become. How was I ever supposed to tell you that?«

Urban has turned 30 and moved from the countryside to the city with dreams of a new life, perhaps as an author or a documentary filmmaker. But after a failed relationship, loneliness takes over. He succumbs to discouragement and hate, withdraws from people and delves into a peculiar interest in wild bird eggs. He hopes that a new love will deliver him back to life, but how can he get rid of the guilt from never responding to his mother’s letter?

The Calm is a novel about desire and revenge in a Stockholm on the cusp of the new millennium. It is Thomas Bannerhed’s first novel since his debut The Ravens (2011), which was awarded the August Prize and was recently adapted for the screen.


Magdalena Hedlund
Phone: +46 70-669 05 68