Original title: Midnattsljus
Original publication: Opal
Genre: YA/13+

Álli paid a price for protecting the Urseit from Borri Noaidi. She is tormented by inner demons and, in an attempt to escape them, leaves Idijärvi village to attend high school in Kiruna. But something isn’t right in the Sami mining town. Disturbing events keep occurring, and they all seem to center on Álli.

After a long, dark winter, sunlight slowly returns to Sápmi. But with the light comes the portent of a final battle. Is it a battle Álli can win without losing herself?

Midnight Light is the concluding installment in the Idijärvi Trilogy about Álli, who, after moving from southern-most Sweden to northern-most Lapland, struggles to adapt to an environment full of ancient magic.


Jessica Bab Bonde

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