Mattias Beijmo (b. 1974) is an analyst and strategist for Swedish and European non-profit organizations, and one of Sweden’s most frequently engaged lecturers in the field. He holds a Postgraduate Degree in International Relations at Freie Universität in Berlin. He has overseen several major change processes and development projects for public authorities as well as development agencies, and has also volunteered helping refugees in Greece and Turkey.

Mattias currently focuses on the intersection between globalisation and digital, with a special interest in the situation in the Mediterranean and its neighbouring countries.

In 2018, he wrote ”They Can’t Stop Us” – a non-fiction book on democracy, digital and the rise of a new, high-tech, arms industry. It also portrays the life of dissident and hacker Bassel Khartabil (aka Safadi) and other so-called ”hacktivists” who used technology to fight for freedom in Syria.

He is one of the writers behind, ”Boat 370 – Death on the Mediterranean”(Norstedts) – a book on the true story of the refugees in Boat 370 and the crimes that killed almost everyone onboard. It is also an overview over the EU’s and Turkey’s roles in the situation, and the cynical game still being played using people from conflict and persecution as pawns.

He is the founder of DUMA – a firm helping large non-profits and global corporations digitalize their operations since 1999.

He is a frequent public speaker, and have held hundreds of seminars and appearances during the last two decades.


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Published books


They Can’t Stop Us!

9 April 2019

Read They Can´t Stop Us Mattias Beijmo´s acclaimed report book about the new arms trade and the war in Syria. In todays Swedish Dagens Nyheter: "A new bill will be a test of how the Swedish Riksdag looks at citizens´ rights, integrity and freedom of expression, writes IT-debater Mattias Beijmo, Swedish Pens chairman Jesper Bengtsson and Ola Larsmo, board member of Pen international."  


They Can’t Stop Us – out in Sweden

28 October 2018

The gripping narrative non-fiction, They Can't Stop Us by Mattias Beijmo just hit Swedish book stores. It is a book on what might be described as a new Western arms export industry, in which billions are at stake, and Syria the perfect testing ground for products being launched in the global market. Writer Mattias Beijmo tells the true story of two people whose fates throw light on surveillance that we take for granted...