Original title: Åtta månader
Original publication: Albert Bonniers förlag
Genre: Fiction

 Eight months is a thriller about power and the people who are prepared to do anything to conquer it. A story about modern influence operations and their impact on politics, media and the moral choices of the people they are targeting.

 After a tip off from a source, journalist Nina Wedén publishes the scoop of the year, exposing Sweden’s Foreign Minister as a sex client. When the minister resigns the charismatic but inexperienced Jacob Weiss is appointed as his successor. To her astonishment, Nina Wedén is offered the position of press secretary to Weiss. Now she has to use all her investigative talents to protect the new minister. But who is really in charge in the corridors of power? Nina begins to question everything, even her own scoop.

At the same time, political consultant Max Boije suddenly has all his assignments cancelled, and messages to his influential contacts are left unreturned. Is it because of the eight-month gap he discovered when researching Jacob Weiss’s past? When one of his sources is found murdered, Max realizes that he has stumbled on a secret that someone finds worth killing for.

Max Boije now has to search for the truth at the very top of the political hierarchy.

And Nina dials the number she has been instructed to use only in case of absolute emergency.


Magdalena Hedlund
Phone: +46 70-669 05 68