Original title: #Snö
Original publication: Natur & Kultur
Genre: Non fiction

In the future, due to global warming, snow may become a rarity, a memory even. This is an elegy over this very special form of precipitation, focusing on its beauty and benefits, both is human history and in nature, and taking a very personal form – the author grew up in the northern parts of Sweden, not far from the polar circle, and has amassed a long and wide experience in the subject matter. The book discusses the role of snow in work and transportation, in peace and war, in economy, livelihood, art and play.

The organizing principle of this short book is one of the most renowned landscape paintings of the 16th century, the “Hunters in the Snow” by Pieter Breughel. Each chapter starts off with a discussion of a specific detail in this immensely rich painting, from which digrssions follow, often taking an unexpected route. This is not an encyclopedia over snow as such, that attempts to cram all possible facts about this phenomenon in between two covers, but instead a personal essay with a high density and a poetic touch.


Danish rights sold to Rosinante

English rights sold to Knopf/ Vintage

Finnish rights sold to WSOY

Italian rights sold to Marsilio Editori

Norwegian rights sold to Cappelen Damm

Spanish rights sold to Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial S.A.U


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