Escaping the Johns
Original title: Flickorna som sprang
Original publication: Harper Collins Nordic
Genre: Fiction

Detective Simon Häggström is part of the Swedish national police’s human trafficking unit. In May 2019 his first novel, Those Who Ran, based on real events, is published by Harper Collins Nordic.

Simon Häggström has been a detective for 10 years, specializing on prostitution and human trafficking.

In his forthcoming book, Those Who Ran, Häggström invites the reader into a world of shadows, inhabited by cops, pimps and johns – and by those struggling to survive in these environments. In addition to a truthful depiction of the often willfully ignored dark sides of society, the novel also explores the incredible human ability to survive under the most extreme circumstances.

Simon Häggström has previously published the nonfiction books Shadow Law (2016) and Night City (2017).


“Simon Häggström’s nonfiction accounts are among the most thrilling I have read. Now, we have the opportunity to immerse ourselves in this clandestine world that is still unexplored in the crime novel context.”.

Céline Hamilton, publisher HarperCollins Nordic


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New release: Those Who Ran

13 May 2019

”We face this darkness all of the time. We try to light a candle. Often it gets put out, but sometimes we succeed and get a flame. That’s a feeling that cannot be measured in money or wealth.” Simon Häggström and his book THOSE WHO RAN is on a six page-spread in Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet, where he talks about his work as a police within the Human Trafficking group...