A sizzling love story and a book about a global phenomenon: witches

Original title: Häxorna
Original publication: Bokförlaget Forum
Genre: Fiction

The year is 1710. The small village in the south of Sweden is threatened by famine and the plague is closing in on the villagers. Young Isabella is struggling with her deceased mother’s legacy: a rumored case of witchery. After her passing, the clergy keeps a close eye on the rest of the family. Isabella’s aunt is a known healer, but she herself is instead a firm believer in logic and medicine. However, logic can’t explain what happens during the Midsummer dance, where she has a vision of a man – invisible to everyone else.

When soldiers arrive at the village, that very man is one of them. Suddenly, everything Isabella though she knew is completely overthrown. She understands she has a gift; as dangerous as it is useful. Death and disaster strike the village and the hunt for a scapegoat soon turns into a hunt for the healing women: the witches.


Alice Stenberg
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