Part six of the Hagfors-series

Original title: När alla klockor stannat
Original publication: Bokförlaget Forum
Genre: Crime

With over one million copies sold in Sweden alone, Ninni Schulman has secured her place on the international scene. Now, she is back with a new part in the loved Hagfors-series.

An actress is drowned in the river. An actor is shot dead. They are part of the same ensemble, putting up a show about the famous watchmaker Johan Tinglöf.

The bestiality of the murders leaves policemen Christer Berglund and Petra Wilander as well as journalist Magdalena Hansson both horrified and confused. Despite the different modus operandi the murders seem to be connected in some way, but how? As the investigation progresses it becomes clear that they are dealing with a sadistic killer who has put his claws in the idyllic small town. And who will strike again – it’s only a matter of time.


Jessica Bab Bonde

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