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Read Elisabeth Åsbrink in The Guardian:

16 May 2019

“The Swedish dream was always too good to be true. And now the far right is back!” 


New release: Those Who Ran

13 May 2019

”We face this darkness all of the time. We try to light a candle. Often it gets put out, but sometimes we succeed and get a flame. That’s a feeling that cannot be measured in money or wealth.”

Simon Häggström and his book THOSE WHO RAN is on a six page-spread in Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet, where he talks about his work as a police within the Human Trafficking group and how that affects his personal life. THOSE WHO RAN is Simon’s first work of fiction, heavily influenced by his reality, depicting a terrifying side of Stockholm and the group of people trying to fight the darkness.
The whole Svenska Dagbladet interview if you read Swedish:


Splendid review for Svea´s Son in Danish Politiken!

7 May 2019

We are thrilled, Svea´s Son was recently released in Denmark and the review in Politiken is wonderful.


They Can’t Stop Us!

9 April 2019

Read They Can´t Stop Us Mattias Beijmo´s acclaimed report book about the new arms trade and the war in Syria.

In todays Swedish Dagens Nyheter:

“A new bill will be a test of how the Swedish Riksdag looks at citizens´ rights, integrity and freedom of expression, writes IT-debater Mattias Beijmo, Swedish Pens chairman Jesper Bengtsson and Ola Larsmo, board member of Pen international.”



And in Norway To Cook a bear is a success!

5 April 2019

We are thrilled! In Norway Mikael Niemi´s To Cook a Bear is printed in a third edition in six weeks, 11 000 printed copies.

The reviews are brilliant from everywhere. Like this one from Norwegian Dagbladet:

“Divine crime fiction … This book is a masterpiece … The legendary Læstadius becomes a kind of Sherlock Holmes in this extraordinary historical crime novel … [Niemi] creates images, smells, sounds, atmospheres and characters that make this book a truly extraordinary reading experience. … a must-read”

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Rights sold

Spanish rights sold to Alianza through Casanovas & Lynch

June 2019

Danish rights sold to Grif

May 2019

Japanese rights sold to Hakanawa

May 2019

Czech rights sold to Albatros Media

May 2019

Portuguese rights sold to Bertrand

May 2019

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