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1947 chosen as one of the best books of 2018

6 December 2018

Elisabeth Åsbrink’s 1947, Where now begins has been chosen as one of the best books of the year 2018 by American NPR (National Public Radio).

From Nancy Pearls review:

“It’s just one of those books that makes you want to major in history. It is one of the best books, certainly the best nonfiction book, that I’ve read recently. I think the subtitle, Where Now Begins, really speaks to one of the things that makes this book so important: The echoes of 1947 are resonating very, very clearly today.”

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Elisabeth Östnäs’ The Daughter of the King on radio

26 November 2018

For our Swedish readers, don’t miss listening to Elisabeth Östnäs’ wonderful The Daughter of the King, dramatised for radio by Ida Kjellin and Vanja Torp and directed by Ella Lemhagen.

The eight part-series about Turid is available now.


2018 Stieg Larsson Prize for Carole Cadwalladr

13 November 2018

2018 Stieg Larsson Prize winner: Carole Cadwalladr! What a journalist!

A full day of interviews in Stockholm for this amazing woman, who revealed the foul play around Cambridge Analytica. The day finished with a panel discussion and award ceremony at Kulturhuset. We are so impressed and thrilled to have met her.

Thanks for the photos Eva Whitebrook.

SMITTAN Jessica Schiefauer

Smittan by Jessica Schiefauer at Swedish Radio P3 Serie

7 November 2018

Smittan, an apocalyptic thriller on love and disaster, lust and loyalty originally written by Jessica Schiefauer now broadcasted at Swedish Radio P3 Serie. Read more and listen here: Sveriges Radio P3 serie/Smittan


They Can’t Stop Us – out in Sweden

28 October 2018

The gripping narrative non-fiction, They Can’t Stop Us by Mattias Beijmo just hit Swedish book stores.

It is a book on what might be described as a new Western arms export industry, in which billions are at stake, and Syria the perfect testing ground for products being launched in the global market.

Writer Mattias Beijmo tells the true story of two people whose fates throw light on surveillance that we take for granted on a daily basis without really understanding it and the consequences it may bring. Backed up by thorough research and extensive interviews, he tells a story which in every instance proves that fact surpasses fiction. ‘They Can’t Stop Us’ is as gripping as it is enlightening, a book for all who can see a little camera watching them as they look up from the monitor, while reading this text.

For Swedish readers, more here:

In Dagens Nyheter

In Aftonbladet

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Estonian rights sold to Tammerraamat OÜ

February 2019

German rights sold to Rowohlt

February 2019

Polish rights sold to Sonia Draga

February 2019

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February 2019

Hungarian rights sold to Metropolis Media Group Kft

February 2019

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