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Aase Berg

Aase Berg, born 1967 in Stockholm, is a critically acclaimed and award-winning poet and literary critic. She made her lyrical debut in 1997, followed by a trilogy of poetry collections about motherhood, one of which was shortlisted for the August Prize. Aase Berg has been awarded the Dagens Nyheter Critics Award and the Aftonbladet Literature Prize.

“I plan to write three novels on the predicament of women, of which The Hag is the first. The second one, which I am currently working on, is about motherhood and rape, titled Memoirs of a conceited little cunt. The third one is titled Wasted and explores co-dependence in both a narrow and broad sense. The Hag is a book about the right to be goddamn furious without being considered insane. I see it as a desperate yet funny battle cry for female freedom. It is for everyone who is fed up with submissive love. I think you’ll have a blast when you read it. And feel pretty bad at the same time. It is not a harmonious read.”

The award-winning and critically acclaimed poet Aase Berg pens her first novel

Many marriages involve more than two people. There is often a third, secret, party.

This is one such story. 

The third party’s version.

The Hag is a novel about the right to be consumed by rage without being considered insane. It is for everyone who is fed up with submission in love; a desperate and witty battle cry for female freedom.

“Aase Berg’s prose is a guided missile with its target set on cowardice. Funny and liberating.”

– Elisabeth Åsbrink

The Hag is a scorching rebuke of bourgeois matrimony in Aase Berg’s characteristic voice: the intensity, linguistic precision, and class perspective as pervading subtext.


2011 Dagens Nyheter Critics Award
2012 Aftonbladet Literature Prize

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