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Anna Bennich

Anna Bennich Karlstedt is a qualified psychologist and registered psychotherapist. She has since 2005 worked with clients who have stress-related problems and depression, but also with relations/couples therapy and leadership training. She now works with companies and management on a consultative basis, training and lecturing on health and stress, on communication, leadership and conflict management, and other psycho-social workplace issues.
Anna has earlier written the book Vägen genom skilsmässan, att hantera en förlorad kärleksrelation” (Natur & Kultur, 2016).
She is a frequent guest on Swedish National TV and writer and featured journalist on a number of newspapers and on the radio.

”Anna Bennich has a ability to explain the latest psychological research in an accessible way, sharing this information using examples from everyday life, as well as for her broad level of competence across several disciplines without loss of academic stringency and seriousness.”

Nomination to The Great Psychology Prize


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