Carl-Johan Vallgren


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Carl-Johan Vallgren

(born 1964) published his first novel in 1987. In 2002 he was awarded the Swedish August Prize (Best Novel of the Year) for The Horrific Sufferings of the Mind-Reading Monster Hercules Barefoot (Den vidunderliga kärlekens historia). The book, which has been translated into 25 languages, became his international breakthrough and made the bestseller lists in Italy, Germany and Russia. In Sweden alone the novel sold an amazing 350 000 copies. Vallgren’s most recent literary novel The Merman(Havsmannen), was also a success with both critics and readers. With the publication of The Man In the Shadows (Skuggpojken) in 2013, Vallgren made his thriller début. This was the first installment in a series featuring Danny Katz. The second Danny-Katz thriller The Swine (Svinen) was published in Sweden in October 2015. (In Sweden the thrillers are published under Vallgren’s pseudonym ”Lucifer”.)



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