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Kjell Johansson

Kjell Johansson was born in 1941 in Midsommarkransen, one of Stockholm’s southern suburbs and the backdrop to many of his novels. He won a large and devoted audience with the trilogy that begun with The House by the Dam (Huset vid Flon, 1997), followed by The Lake Without a Name (Sjön utan namn, 2003) and The Room Under the Floor (Rummet under golvet, 2006). Kjell Johansson has established himself as one of Sweden’s most important contemporary writers, and his books have been translated into ten languages.


The VI Literary Prize 1989
The National Book Award 1990
The Lars Ahlin Award 1994
The Ivar Lo Prize 1997
The Moa Martinsson Prize 1998
The Ivar Lo Prize 2007
The Stina Aronson Prize 2007
The Sven O. Bergkvist Award 2012
The Selma Lagerlöf Foundation Literary Award 2013
The City of Stockholm Culture Scholarship 2014
The Harry Martinsson Memorial Scholarship 2015


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