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Sara Stridsberg

Sara Stridsberg is one of Sweden’s foremost authors and playwrights. Her big international breakthrough came with the publication of The Faculty of Dreams in 2006. The novel received the Nordic Council Award in 2007, and was nominated to the Man Booker award when published 2019 in the UK and US. Her novels are today translated into 25 languages. In 2016 she became member of the Swedish Academy which she left in April 2018. Her latest novel is The Antarctica of Love that came out in Sweden in 2018 and that soon will be published in the US and UK.


2019 Swedish Radio´s novel Prize
2019 Long listed for the Man Booker International Prize
2018 Moa Martinsson Prize
2017 Prix Femina Short listed
2016 Selma Lagerlöf Literary Prize
2015 The Aniara Prize
2015 De Nios Vinter Prize
2015 The European Prize of Literature
2015 The Berns Prize
2013 The Dobloug Prize
2011 De Nios Vinter Prize
2010 Tidningen Vi:s Literature Prize
2008 Gustaf Fröding award
2007 The Nordic Council Literature Prize
2006 Aftonbladets Literature Prize

Published books


23 sep 2021

“Stridsberg sees through everyone – but judges no one”

Sara Stridsberg’s first short story collection is rich in literary magic. But she is at her best in the straightforward stories – and when she depicts the crisis in the Swedish Academy as a fairy tale reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland. Some universes bend in on themselves, and one such...

15 apr 2021

The Faculty of Dreams is taking Spanish critics and readers by storm!

"La facultad de sueños by Sara Stridsberg, is an astonishing novel and we have been receiving dozens of goods reviews so we are completely delighted with the reception of the book." says the publisher of Nordica Libros. Congratulations Sara Stridsberg, translator Carmen Montes and Nordica Libros!

13 jul 2020

Sara Stridsberg – Queen of translated fiction in Denmark

A six page interview and cover of the cultural section of Danish newspaper Politiken on July 12th. You´ll find the whole interview here:

31 mar 2020

Great reviews for Sara Stridsberg´s Happy Sally in Denmark!

Sara Stridsberg’s debut novel Happy Sally has just been published in Danish and received great reviews in both Politiken and Information. "Different voices and stories intertwine in a vivid writing [where people and landscapes are portrayed through a number of lead motives] and the filthy is portrayed as poetically as the pretty. " Lilian Munk Rösing in...

31 jan 2020

Antarctica of Love as Theater monologue at The Royal Dramatic Theater in Stockholm

We are pleased to announce that Sara Stridsberg's Antarctica of Love will be dramatized as a monologue for the theater scene, directed by Nina Jeppsson. The premiere will be at The Royal Dramatic Theater in late April.

03 dec 2019

Valerie by Sara Stridsberg named one of The Best Books 2019 in The New Yorker!

14 aug 2019

Happy US publication day to Sara Stridsberg’s Valerie (The Faculty of Dreams)!

With a rave review by The New Yorker” “An extraordinary love letter to a radical feminist . . . Valerie is one of the most genuinely insubordinate books I have read, and one of the most beautiful.”

13 mar 2019

EXTRA: Sara Stridsberg is nominated for the 2019 Man Booker international prize!

We are extremely proud to announce that Sara Stridsberg’s The Faculty of Dreams is one of 13 titles on the long list for the 2019 Man Booker international prize. The book will be published in the UK by MacLehose press on the 18th of April. The prize winner will be...

10 jan 2019

Stridsberg, Bannerhed and Einhorn shortlisted for Swedish National Radio Literary Prize 2019.

Stridsberg, Bannerhed and Einhorn shortlisted for Swedish National Radio Literary Prize 2019. We begin the year with the wonderful news that three of our authors are shortlisted for The Swedish National Radio Literary Prize 2019. Sara Stridsberg’s Antarctica of Love, Tomas Bannerhed’s The Yearning and Lena Einhorn’s The Genius from...

24 sep 2018

Stridsberg & Bannerhed on the Dagens Nyheter Critics’ list

For the second consecutive week, both Sara Stridsberg's Antarctica of Love (Albert Bonniers förlag) and Tomas Bannerhed's The Yearning (Weyler förlag) are on the prestigious Dagens Nyheter Critics' list. Both books has also received fantastic reviews. Click here to read reviews of The Yearning Click here to read reviews of...

Sara Stridsberg
12 maj 2016

Sara Stridsberg receives the Selma Lagerlöf Prize

Sara Stridsberg is the recipient of the 2016 Selma Lagerlöf Literary Award. The jury cites Stridsberg’s “intense and beautifully crafted storytelling, which celebrates the frailty of life and discerningly vindicates the subjugated and silenced”. (mer…)

21 maj 2015

Sara Stridsberg awarded “De Nios Pris”

Congratulations, Sara Stridsberg! Sara Stridsberg has been awarded the prestigious Swedish literary prize "De Nios Pris".   The motivation reads as follows: "...for a work characterized by dreamy lucidity, intense presence and empathy with the less fortunate."   The prize money amounts to 300 000 SEK.