AUTHOR: Peter Englund


GENRE: Non-fiction

In the autumn of 1942, the Axis powers were on the offensive on all fronts of World War Two. They looked unstoppable and likely to emerge victorious from the carnage. But within less than half a year, the tide had turned, and the victory of the Allies was only a matter of time. In Turning Point, Peter Englund homes in on these crucial six months in the history of the Second World War. As he did so masterfully in The Beauty and the Sorrrow, Englund will bring history to dramatic life through the individual stories of approx. 30 men and women of different ages and nationalities, all of whom experienced this cataclysmic event from different perspectives and in quite different ways.

The time period covered in Turning Point will be shorter than that of The Beauty and the Sorrrowand its focus therefore even more intense; at the same time, the book’s canvas will be vast, taking the reader from the desert of Northern Africa and the frozen rubble of Stalingrad to the islands of the Pacific, from Berlin under attack by the Royal Air Force to the Warsaw Ghetto. Once again, Englund’s primary interest isn’t in giving us another top-down military history of the war, but in understanding it as a profoundly human experience. Turning Point will be an intimate history of the pivotal phase of World War Two.

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