Beating Loneliness

ORIGINAL TITLE: Att vinna över ensamheten

AUTHOR: Anna Bennich


GENRE: Non-fiction

Acclaimed psychologist Anna Bennich Karlstedt regularly makes celebrated appearances on Swedish television. Beating Loneliness is her latest book.

It is rarely talked about, but many of us feel lonely. In fact, some call it one of the most widespread diseases of our time. Being lonely could be a lack of social context or a feeling of not being seen, understood and acknowledged by the people surrounding you. In our individualistic society, we pay the bill with stress, loneliness and emptiness. Meanwhile, neither the society nor the individual has the solution to the problem. How do one get new friends? How do you live with someone, instead of next to them? How can one be brave enough to take the small steps towards a new life with a bigger feeling of inclusion? Beating Loneliness offers concrete methods and guides the reader with a warm and firm grip through the maze of social life.