Confessions of a Conceited Cunt

ORIGINAL TITLE: En uppblåst liten fittas memoarer


AUTHOR: Aase Berg

ORIGINAL PUBLISHER: Albert Bonniers förlag

GENRE: Memoir, Fiction

A golden eagle with megalomania is soaring and watching over five-year-old Aase through her adolescence into her adulthood. Through rise and fall of motherhood and life experiences, its predatory gaze scrutinizes the female role and the resistance.

Confessions of a Conceited Cunt is a novel about exploding whales and encounters with world famous old chaps, about rape and warfare trauma, about female sorrows and freedom, and about the art of flying straight into the sun and transform. Aase Berg dismantles, simplifies and obstructs hers and our world with a piercing pen. The reluctantly brave will read this as a self-help book – not for those with bad self-confidence, but for those with far too good! 



”Life is dreadful, but the brutality of Berg’s prose, in her hardcore coercive measure towards the reader with literary precision and violent invention, wrings out the sorrow and turns it into an obscene sculpture that drowns out the chirpy attitude of society today.”

Martina Montelius, Expressen

”This book is 100% Aase Berg. That is good news for us who long has admired her scrutinizing of hypocrisy and secrecy. If the tartness and nerve offends you, feel free to botanize the shelves of self-help literature and feel good novels.”

Björn Kohlström, Jönköpings-Posten

”Aase Berg brings a purpose and great spirits and shatters the comfortable recline of the genre. Truthful or not, the Aase in the book is in the midst of life, in an ongoing excruciating now, and the tempo is furious when she examines her lot as a woman.

Barbro Westling, Aftonbladet

”The book’s Aase may have grown tired of being original, but the originality of this book is immortal. I finish and close it, aggravated and exceptionally elated.

Annina Rabe, Kristianstadsbladet

”Aase Berg has a diction that glows and vibrates with energy, precise wordings and literary innovation. One can only come along for the ride when she sheds common perceptions down to the bone. /…/ It is both deeply saddening and refreshing.


”Aase Berg is in her usual manner a nimble writer /…/ Always well put and challenging. She is in complete control over the ill-mannered literary toolbox. Sharp-witted, screamingly funny and turgidly imaginative, all at once.”

Torsten Green-Petersen, Helagotland