For Your Sake

ORIGINAL TITLE: För din skull


AUTHOR: Kicki Sehlstedt


GENRE: Crime, Fiction

For Your Sake is set in the midst of the greater-Stockholm gang war. But this time, we hear the women’s side of the story.

A teenage boy is shot to death in a communal garden cottage in central Stockholm. Everyone assumes he is the latest victim in a war over the inner-city drug trade. When 15-year-old Mira admits to the crime, however, all bets are off.

Criminology professor Kajan Berglund and journalist Aida Svanteson decide to get to the bottom of who shot the boy and why. Soon Aida discovers that the crime is connected to her own life, and that she and her daughter are in danger.

The fourth, stand-alone installment in the Probono series, For Your Sake is a chilling contemporary crime novel about the women who populate the criminal underworld – and the actions they are prepared to take in order to protect the ones they love.



“Kicki Sehlstedt writes snappily and suspensefully about a white-hot topic. Environments and character descriptions feel authentic, and the women’s perspective on gang criminality is portrayed in an interesting way.” BTJ