FTL Rouzbeh Masserat Agah.

FTL (Fuck The Law)


AUTHOR: Rouzbeh Masarrat Agha

ORIGINAL PUBLISHER: Ordfronts förlag

GENRE: Fiction

Husby in the first decade of the 21st century. Khorso and Mourad are friends, brothers-in-arms. After graduating from college their lives immediately seem to lose all form of structure and disintegrate into hopelessness. To find a job in Sweden you must either be Swedish, or have contacts or a dad in high management, so that’s trashed for a start. When they get an offer to start dealing hasch for Majid, the king gangster of Husby, the choice is too easy. They dress up opting for a life of crime in all kinds of rationalisations. They are revolutionaries who are fighting the system. They obey no laws because laws are made by politicians and all politicians are corrupt.

Soon they begin to fantasise about the perfect crime. THE robbery. Burka-chantan.
Once they’ve made the decision to go criminal it’s like everything looks after itself. The doors to a more luxurious life spring open and it’s all simple. To begin with they shut their eyes in response to the steadily increasing demands for loyalty, and to the fact that there is no turning back.
If Mourad is simply after the power and cash, the far more sensitive Khorso is going through an inner struggle. He has a family who cares about him and a girlfriend whose love and words he carries with him. What you know is most important, not what everyone else thinks. Could there be an alternative to life as a gangster?
With humour, an exceptionally keen ear and naked realism Rouzbeh Masarrat Agah delivers in his debut FTL a poignant tale of the fate of two young men who choose different paths, but whose lives are forever entwined.
It is an endlessly thrilling and thought-provoking book, throwing light upon the crucial choices in life and the journey to them. Rouzbeh Masarrat Agah writes of experiences no other Swedish writer has described before.


“(…) Rouzbeh Masarrat Agah knows what he’s writing about and what strikes me in comparison with say Lapidus, is his significantly more nuanced characters, everyone here is complex and full of contradictions, they are neither in the first place immigrants or criminals (…) Fuck The Law is, in short, an impressive debut, simply written but with precision, in the dialect of new Swedish that’s the lingo of the unpropertied. And full of lovely images, as when Khosro is having a cheeseburger on Medborgarplatsen (Citizen’s square): ‘And my eye falls on the taxi drivers stood in a row, each one with a poison stick in their hand. All are blattar, all are old, all looking like my dad.'”


“In his debut novel FTL (Fuck The Law) Rouzbeh Masarrat Agah writes with a lot of sympathy about his protagonists (…). The sense of presence is the whole time intact and descriptions of milieu are well composed. (…). Masarrat has a sure hand writing about paranoia and a sensitive ear for hard-boiled dialogue, without getting silly. He’s also funny (…). FTL is a thoroughly worked-through debut which lives in the small details. I like it very much.”