Girl-child 291

ORIGINAL TITLE: Flickebarn nummer 291


AUTHOR: Ninni Schulman


GENRE: Current Books, Non-fiction

”One morning I wake up and find myself dead.”

Girl-child 291 is a deeply personal and honest depiction of the author’s life where a divorce disrupts everything. It forces Ninni to go back to her childhood. As a newborn, her parents learned that she would never get to start school. The difficult case of scoliosis she was born with would cause her spine to grow so crooked that she would eventually suffocate. But then: a miraculous operation. Ninni survived. Her past shows on her body, she is notably short, but that is all.

What does it do to a person to live their life carrying a death sentence? Ninni confronts her past. After years of pretending to be like everyone else, the time has come not to be.

It is a tale about the psychology of grief, the life afterwards, and how a 90 km ski race between Sälen and Mora also runs between life and death.



"Ninni Schulman is one of Sweden’s most popular and bestselling authors. After seven suspense novels,  she manifests the depth of her talent in an autobiographical novel which is deeply personal but at the same time universal. Honest, intense, courageous and beautiful – Girl-child 291 is an unforgettable and important novel about our longing to belong and to be loved exactly as we are. I am so proud to publish this novel which has already been enthusiastically acclaimed by all those who have read the advance copy."

Karin Linge Nordh