Greta’s Journey



AUTHOR: Alexandra Urisman Otto & Roger Turesson

ORIGINAL PUBLISHER: Bokförlaget Polaris

GENRE: Non-fiction

Everyone has an opinion on Greta Thunberg. Sceptics as well as participants in the ‘Fridays For Future’ protests can all agree that she has made an indelible impression. For the very first time, here is a book that both in writing and with an extensive and unique collection of images, documents her journey – and ours. A journey that takes us to many countries, to insights of climate awareness and to thoughts that may plant seeds for change. 
In Greta’s Journey, journalist Alexandra Urisman Otto and photographer Roger Turesson are traveling closely with Greta right from the start, and take us along sitting next to her outside the Swedish Parliament, traveling in crowded German trains, sailing across the Atlantic Ocean, driving in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Tesla, and famously speaking in front of many of the world’s leaders at the United Nations.
This is a book that goes beyond the massive protests and headlines and lends a background to who Greta really is. Parts from her life are mixed with funny and curious anecdotes from the many places they travel together.  At the same time Greta’s Journey describes the author’s own awakening to the climate change and her urge to seek more information. Being a mother of three, Alexandra Urisman Otto takes the matter to heart, mixing facts about the state of our planet with insights from a parent’s perspective. The realization that her children’s future is at stake brings even more urgency to her writing and adds a poignant personal touch.
This is a documentary about a very young but great person, about a matter that concerns us all. Reading Greta’s Journey is enlightening, touching and engaging in equal quantities. How did this fifteen-year-old manage to bring change to the world – and what happens next?

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