Handling the Undead

ORIGINAL TITLE: Hanteringen av döda


AUTHOR: Privat: John Ajvide Lindqvist


GENRE: Fiction

Stockholm, 13 August, 2002. After a long heat-vawe there is electricity in the air over the city. Lights cannot be turned out, machines refuse to stop running. A collective headache breaks out, and Stockholm is on the verge of chaos. All of a sudden it is over. But something has happened.

Retired journalist Gustav Mahler receives a call from the hospital. The dead in the morgue have woken up. His own grandchild has recently been buried. Will now even the buried open their eyes? Elvy has taken care of her senile husband until his death. The funeral is to take place in two days. But in the middle of the night someone is knocking at her door. When David’s wife dies in a car accident, he prays to God to bring her back. But her return to life does not turn out the way he had hoped.

The dead return. What do they want? They want what everybody wants: to come home.

Handling the Undead is a story about our greatest fear and about a love that defies death.



”A masterpiece.”

Horace Engdahl, former secretary of the Nobel Commitee. (in an interview in the magazine Focus, December 2006)

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