Human Harbour

ORIGINAL TITLE: Människohamn

AUTHOR: Privat: John Ajvide Lindqvist


GENRE: Fiction

“Dad, what’s that? On the ice?”

It’s a glorious winters day. Anders and his six-year-old daughter Maja are standing right at the top of the Gåvastens light house. The ice is covered with snow as far as the eye can reach and Anders cannot see anything unusual in the direction where his daughter is pointing.

Maja goes out to have a look and five minutes later the nightmare begins. Despite the fact that there is nowhere for Maja to disappear to this is exactly what happens. She vanishes. Without a trace. Anders and his wife Cecilia no longer have a child.

The happy life on the island of Domarö in the Roslagens archipelago is over. Only despair and divorce remain.

A few years later Anders returns to the island drunken and depressed, but with a strong determination to live his life. He receives a message that gives him desperate hope: Maja is still in this world, but in a place where he cannot reach her.

A search starts. This leads Anders to the secret past of Domarö towards the dark heart of the sea. He must go through the abyss to find the one he loves. If it really is her.

A moped motor can be heard at night in the woods. Letter boxes are vandalised and houses are set fire to. The sea throws itself towards the cliffs. Someone hates us.

Human Habour is a story of love, hate and magic. It is the story of the hidden powers that have created the Swedish archipelago


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