In the Shadow of Sector 5

ORIGINAL TITLE: I skuggan av sektor 5

AUTHOR: Simon Häggström


GENRE: Crime

Simon Häggström is back with the second book in the series about Markus, Natalia and their colleagues at the Human Trafficking Unit.

Natalia Volotkova is a hard-bitten investigator. More often than not, she is balancing right on the border of what is permissible in the name of the law. By most people around her, she is perceived as square and difficult. But underneath the steely surface lay an enormous reservoir of empathy and a remarkably strong sense of justice. 

Markus Lundström is the Unit Leader and has to fight to keep Natalia in check. He is proud of his group and the work that they do. Actually, he loves it. But the, to say the least, irregular working hours and the horrific human stories they face are seeping deeper and deeper underneath his skin, affecting those closest to him: his wife and his baby daughter.

We get to follow them in their challenging but oh-so important police work, and watch them take a stand for victims of crime who, without their help, would be entirely defenceless.

The first book in the series about the Human Trafficking Unit, Those Who Ran, tells the story of two young girls who are exploited through sugar dating. The book has sold over 20 000 copies in Sweden. The sequel, In the Shadow of Sector 5, is about human trafficking and introduces the reader to traffickers as well as their victims.



“A suspenseful, frightening and moving book.”