La montagne rouge/The Red Mountain

ORIGINAL TITLE: La montagne rouge

AUTHOR: Olivier Truc


GENRE: Fiction

The Red Mountain is the third book in the successfull series about The Reindeer Police, which will takes us from southern Lapland to Stockholm.

During the annual slaughter of the reindeers, very old human bones are discovered at the foot of the Red Mountain. If the bones turn out to be of Sami origin, they could be of conclusive evidence in the historical trial between Sami people and farmers at the Supreme Court of Stockholm. To whom does the land really belong? Klemet and Nina are put in charge of this unusual investigation, which becomes even more complicated when a major piece of evidence, a skull, disappears.

Now begins a quest through Swedish history, its museums and institutions. In search of all kind of evidence of the original presence of the Sami, the police meet distrust and hostility from farmers, scientists and politicians.

But inspector Nina Nansen will have no rest before she untangles the mysteries in an investigation involving several ambiguous characters: from obscure archaeologists and academics, to a strange old sami couple from the Balva clan.

As for her colleague inspector, Klemet Nango, the investigation will have far more consequences than he could ever have imagined. Never before has Klemet felt so challenged when confronting his double identity.



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