Lollo. Linna Johansson



AUTHOR: Privat: Linna Johansson


GENRE: Fiction

“It was me and it was Lidija and it was Aspudden. Well, there were obviously others too but most importantly, there was us. Maybe you think you know something about us because you’ve read about us. You don’t. For example, the papers called me ‘the inexperienced’ and Lidija ‘the instigator’. That wasn’t true. Very little of what was written about us was true. That’s why I’ve decided to tell you about us, about what we did, and about what really happened.”

School is finally, definitely over. Freed of obligation, Lollo and Lidija idle away their time, uninterested in finding a job or going to university. But their clichéd rebellion against parental expectations and social pressures risks grinding to a halt as money runs short and their boredom grows.
When the charismatic and mysterious “scandal queen” Mimmi appears on the scene, her shabby-chic look proves as irresistible to Lollo and Lidija as her wonderfully depraved parties…
This remarkable debut is a fresh and modern coming-of-age story and a tale of friendship between two young women. It succeeds in illustrating the values and worldview of young people today, without pandering or patronising. A modern classic that is sure to stay with you for a long time.



"Regardless of subject [...], Linna Johansson's writing is both deep and enchantingly light, like bubbles of air rising through water"

Dagens Nyheter

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