Morning Star

ORIGINAL TITLE: Gryningsstjärna

AUTHOR: Charlotte Cederlund


GENRE: Children

Magic and the paranormal are elements of this cleverly constructed tale about one person’s frailty, society’s structural racism, and people’s prejudices.

The Nåjder Council has come to the village. They are searching for Urseiten, the legendary ritual object that will destroy them all if it ends up in the wrong hands. Álli doesn’t trust the council members, and when their search proves unsuccessful, she attempts to develop her powers on her own. She is determined do everything she can to keep the village safe. No cost is too high to protect her loved ones.

Darkness has descended upon the Sami village of Idijärvi, with many weeks to go before the sun returns. Borri noaidi’s attack has evoked deep wounds within Álli; psychological wounds that become all the more unbearable after a tragic accident casts her into isolation once again.

Morning Star is the second installment in the Idijärvi trilogy. The trilogy follows Álli, who has moved from southern-most Sweden to northern-most Lapland, where she struggles to find a footing in a new environment infused with ancient magic.


Jessica Bab Bonde
+46 709 30 62 50



“A very talented author”

Yukiko Duke, SVT Morgon

“[An] unusually well-written, original and captivating story about discovering your roots”

Fia Idegård, Bibliotekstjänst