North of Beirut

ORIGINAL TITLE: Norr om Beirut


AUTHOR: Anna Tell

ORIGINAL PUBLISHER: Wahlström & Widstrand

GENRE: Fiction

On a freezing February night, Amanda Lund is dispatched to Västerbron Bridge in Stockholm to prevent a suicide. She fails. When writing up her report, she discovers that the man’s two children have been missing under unclear circumstances. And a friend of his, a female director of the Swedish International Aid Agency, has disappeared without a trace. Amanda and her colleagues dig deeper into the case, following traces to a foreign contact. While Amanda chases evidence, someone is on a dangerous journey from Afghanistan, via various refugee camps, to Europe. North of Beirut is about mysterious, interconnected events around the world, influenced by dark secrets at risk of being revealed.



“The plot is well crafted, the pace is intense and the tension lies in several levels. Anna Tell knows what she is writing about.”

Dagens Nyheter

“With precision and obvious authority in the narrative, Anna Tell captures her readers from the very first page.”


“Anna Tell is back on track and has again found what is her strength: to write thrilling and enlightening page turners in an international environment. (…) The plot is cleverly constructed and step by step the various threads are woven together. The balance between police work and action is good, and even if you can guess the outcome to a certain extent, Tell manages to keep up the excitement to the very end.”

Borås Tidning

“Anna Tell succeeds in holding my attention on edge to the very end”


"Undoubtedly Tell’s best book to date, here she outperforms many of her more well-known colleagues. It contains nearly all the ingredients that belong in a crime novel worth reading: Suspense from the prologue to the 396th page. A good plot with many twists. Skillfully depicted investigative work and a captivating cast of characters. An unexpected and gripping conclusion with a moral point."


"Her first two books were good and successful, but she has not grown complacent: she wants to improve and she certainly succeeds – her third book is by far the best to date. Anna Tell has developed her own niche in the field of suspense, rooted in deep knowledge of police and military activities, an international commitment, a sophisticated storytelling technique, an increasingly strong literary ability, and perhaps above all: a graceful balancing act on the narrow tightrope of constructing a properly dramatic and thrilling plot without falling outside the realm of credibility."

Vängåvans Bok & Papper