Polar Night

ORIGINAL TITLE: Middagsmörker

AUTHOR: Charlotte Cederlund


GENRE: Children

Idijärvi Sami village is tucked deep into the arctic forests of northern Sweden, far from civilization. When sixteen-year-old Áili’s father dies of cancer, she must move to Idijärvi to live with her maternal grandfather – whom she has never met before. Greeted with indifference, Áili is an outsider among the snow and reindeer. Soon, however, mysterious things start occurring in the village – things that should not be possible and that can only be explained by the magic that is connected to Áili’s Sami heritage. Before long she is immersed in an ancient conflict, a conflict that puts her loved ones in danger. The few that are still alive.


Jessica Bab Bonde

+46 709 30 62 50



"As original as it is suspenseful."

Vi Läser

"Few authors have managed to write good Nordic fantasy. /... / Charlotte Cederlund is one of them, and gracefully so: a debut author, but already exhibiting the skill of an experienced writer."

Dagens Nyheter

"Clever and original Nordic YA fantasy by a debut author who succeeds in merging Sami mythology, classic coming-of-age, and political oppression into a powerful showdown between good and evil."

Dagens Nyheter