Sick of Stress

ORIGINAL TITLE: Sjukt stressad

AUTHOR: Privat: Anna Bennich


GENRE: Non-fiction

Price awarded Psychotherapist Anna Bennich has since 2005 worked with clients who have stress-related problems and depression, but also with relations/couples therapy and leadership training.  Sick of Stress purposely created in a brief format, is an easily digestible stress management manual for people who are experiencing stress, with the focus on several “hand-picked” and concrete techniques that one can easily grasp and put to work without further delay, from day one.

For those having a problem with constantly feeling worked-up, but always seem to havetoo little time, energy or know-how to recover properly, this is the book. Also, for those experiencing the pressure of too many demands and obligations and can recognise the signals and symptoms of living under too much stress, this is the book. Many are we that are very well aware that life is not really working out presently, but we don’t quite know how to change the situation – this book carries solutions.



”Anna Bennich has a ability to explain the latest psychological research in an accessible way, sharing this information using examples from everyday life, as well as for her broad level of competence across several disciplines without loss of academic stringency and seriousness.”

– from the nomination to The Great Psychology Prize