Faculty of Dreams Sara Stridsberg

The Faculty of Dreams

ORIGINAL TITLE: Drömfakulteten

AUTHOR: Sara Stridsberg

ORIGINAL PUBLISHER: Albert Bonniers förlag

GENRE: Fiction

The narrative in The Faculty of Dreams revolves around Valerie Solanas, the sixties icon famous for writing the ultra-feminist manifesto SCUM (Society for Cutting Up Men) and who later shot and seriously injured Andy Warhol.

In the novel’s fictious background story, the author visits Valerie Solanas at the end of her life in the hotel in a red-light district in San Fransisco where Solanas was residing when she died in April 1988. Sara Stridsberg mixes documentary material and free fiction in a feverishly vibrant prose which finds Valerie Solanas permanently on the verge of disaster, a prodigy who simultaneously mirrors and distorts the stories that constitute her world.



“As each new piece of Stridsberg’s portrait of Valerie is added, it alters the big picture, provocatively. The novel is as much about how little one can understand other people as it is about Valerie’s life. Stridsberg entertainingly casts new light on both Solanas and on how society views pop culture.”

Publishers Weekly

“Sara Stridsberg’s The Faculty of Dreams was awarded the prestigious prize of the Nordic Council, and rightly so. The prize is often given to literature that creates something daring, and the Swedish author, who also writes for the theater, has risked a lot. ... Maybe Sara Stridsberg is a Strindberg for our time.”


“The most vulgar slang is paired with lyrical sensitivity to a strong literary rhythmic drive, that gives this life spiraling downward a harrowing verbal framework.”


“Opening this book, the reader rips opens its very skin. Like it or not, you will see the thrilling spectacle, the muscles and bone, of a vibrant, living text.”

Le Monde

" This text of rare strength unleashes an irresistibile seduction. "

Le Monde

“Impressive and bewitching, THE FACULTY OF DREAMS is unquestionably one of the revelations of the publishing season.”

Le Magazine littéraire

“This narrative draws you into a quasi-animal rhythm. Each line could be an epigraph, like the one that closes the book: ‘The women knew instinctively that the only evil lies in harming others and that the meaning of life is love.’ This book is truly astonishing.”

Véronique Ovaldé

"At once a hagiography, an exercise in admiration and a portrait of a marginal America, this crazy novel reveals the fate of the woman who wanted to shoot Andy Warhol."


“This book is not for everyone. The heroine, Valerie Solanas, really lived. This woman of incredible charisma worked as a prostitute, dreamed of love, demanded every kind of liberty, and wanted to be one of the great American intellectuals. Unforgettable.”

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